Sizzling Snow Slopes 10 Best Skiing Destinations in Europe

Europe is an absolute gemstone for winter sports and skiing resorts with most of the world’s best skiing spots in the continent. With the relative short distance between countries in the EU and the fact that the transportation is top notch, most of these skiing spots are brimming with tourists and skiing enthusiasts alike.

Considering how richly the continent is blessed in regards to snow-filled delights, it is a real task to just pick ten such scintillating spots. On any other day, you could pick a totally separate ten and that would make an equally appealing list. That is the extent to which the slopes of Europe encourage the adventure seeking skiers.

So here is our selection of the best skiing destinations Europe has to offer…

St. Anton, Austria

Skiing along with world class facilities and celebrity glitz and glamour is the attraction that St. Anton in Austria holds for its visitors. Along with amazing skiing slopes, superb facilities and training sessions for beginners, St. Anton has excellent powdery snow that allows you to enjoy your skiing to the fullest. Considered by many as arguably one of the top skiing destinations on the planet, this one is all about the thrill of going downhill a steep drop back to Zura, the challenging powder bowls of the Valluga along with the glitz and glam of the nightlife here.

Courchevel, France

While St. Anton is all about mixing skiing with entertainment, Courchevel is the place where you get seriously fanatic about skiing and just skiing. Many consider the snowfields and the slopes here as the single best skiing spot on the planet. Courchevel has a huge reputation across the globe, and when you visit the place, you will find out just why. Filled with a dedicated snowboarding park, as well as ice skating, tobogganing and ice climbing, this is all about chilling out!

Seefeld, Austria

If you wish to go to the home of cross-country skiing, then Seefeld in Austria is the place to go to in Europe. The 230 km of marked trial and courses that were designed to test out champions at the 1976 Olympics and 1985 World Championships should give you enough of a thrill. With plenty of powdery snow, very well maintained courses and cross-country skiing being its main attraction, this is a great for beginners and experts alike.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Home of the Winter Olympics, Italy’s Cortina d’Ampezzo and skiing are synonymous. The maintenance of the slopes here is great, with facilities already in place because of the games, but the region also boasts some of the best snow in Europe, making it a consistent destination. A great place both for skiing enthusiasts and the casual visitors, the ski-hub is all about living it up in style, which is understandable as this is Italy we are talking about!

Chamonix, France

Going to Chamonix for a ski trip translates into skiing under the shadow of Europe’s highest peak, Mount Blanc. Not a bad deal by any stretch of the imagination, is it? Known as the free-riding hub of Europe, the place is all about showing off our skiing excellence with jaw-dropping cliffs and highly technical courses. Of course, the not-so-good with skis will also find enough space to start honing their skills. And when night dawns, there will be enough French wine to quench your taste buds, too!

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

So how did this find a place in the list of the elite in Europe that is often restricted to France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland? Well, the slopes of Kranjska Gora in Slovenia are a great place for beginners to get on the fast track to skiing big time, and we sure as hell need slopes like these. The charming and beautiful Slovenian town floors you with its beauty while the training and instruction here will get you speeding down the slopes in no time. That does not mean that these slopes are bad for the pros either.

Kitzbuhel, Austria

Polly Hillbrunner Beauty Spa, magical 16th-century castle and Hahnenkamm world cup downhill race - Yes, Kitzbuhel has something for everyone. While the spa will especially appeal to the women, the 16th-century castle set in a background of snow will look like a page out of a fairytale. The downhill races are infamous for their crashes, but the guys would be up for this fun and mayhem. Apart from all that, there is plenty of skiing on these wonderful slopes, of course!

Levi, Lapland

Notice how we mention Lapland and not Finland in the title? That is because there is nothing more special than being in Santa’s home and skiing in the holiday season. So what if Christmas has come and gone? This is Santa’s home, and in his off season where else will Santa be but at his home! Levi has an obvious appeal for kids and families, but it also makes for a great skiing spot just on the basis of the slopes, powdery snow and the Northern Lights that will lighten up your trip.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Apart from great skiing, how about playing a few games of your favorite sport on a frozen lake? It is not as dangerous as you might think and a whole lot of fun. St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps is all about living it up along with skiing in high-profile company. Do not be too surprised if you bump into a Michael Schumacher or David Beckham while you ski down these beautiful slopes. Just make sure you don’t bump into them too hard!

Val d’ Isere, France

The spectacular ski resort of Val d’ Isere is located in a region that includes both Tignes and Val d’Isere, boasting 97 lifts and high-altitude skiing to almost 3,500 m. This single resort offers everything there is to experience in skiing; ranging from high drops to big pipes. If you wish to test out your mettle and show off your skills, then these are the slopes to hit. Incredibly popular with the hardcore skiers, this is like a little skiing nirvana in the heart of France.

Europe holds in its heart many other skiing resorts that offer tourists with an experience that is unmatched anywhere else on the planet. If you are a winter sport enthusiast, then Europe must be your home as it is a one-stop spot for trying out every new trick and fine tuning all the new moves. Whether you are serious about skiing or just relaxing on a holiday, any one of these slopes will give you all the fun and adrenaline-rush you need.

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