Spectacular Animal Camouflage Pictures

A walking stick insect balances on a blade of grass over a coneflower

A goby rests on a soft coral in the Rainbow Reef in Fiji.

A boreal owl nests in a balsam fir tree.

Portrait of a snowshoe hare.

This frog is camouflaged in a frog pond in Costa Rica.

A southern stingray is cloaked in sand, possibly for camouflage.

Three-horned chameleons can change color. When angry or frightened, they tend to turn black.

The underside of this owl butterfly’s wing blends in with woody textures and features a large eyespot to startle predators.

A small shrimp hides among the stinging tentacles of a sea anemone.

Paradoxophyla palmata, a narrow-headed frog native to Madagascar. The frog’s brown and yellow coloring, as well as its rough texture, allow it to blend in
with the mud and tree trunks in its environment

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