Bohemian Style or Boho-Chic for Lavish Life

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents Bohemian Style or Boho-Chic for Lavish Life.

Bohemian style aka boho-chic is in and out of fashion. There were times when broomsticks and caftans were the thing and to some extent this style resembles the hippie style. It first occurred in the early 19th century with the gypsy neighbors in Europe to migrate with artistic troops. Actually the term «bohémiens» means Gipsy in French. Later the boho-chic was deemed to appear as the free and careless life style for artistic layer of the society as musicians, artists and actors.

The Bohemian look called boho-chic for short is practical and layered, with loose graceful fashion and accessories often made from natural materials like wood, linen and gauzy cotton, stones and leather. Woven items are also highly popular. Accessories are likely the most central part of all. Boho-chic is similar to «accessories in abundance». Lots of bracelets, ankle bracelets, necklaces and dangling earrings, headbands, barrettes, clips, and belts for the waist of any size and color and texture. The possibilities are never-ending. The best about the boho-chic look is that nothing is matched to each other, as we are used to think. Good layers work together to give you a Boho chic look. Think ethnic and vintage. Elegance of silk blouses and jeans with leather boots, and chiffon to go well with jersey. Chaos is the core ofstyle. And absolute taste is required to make the style work.

Boho-chic found the second wind in 2009 whereas fashion designers predict boho-chic for 2010 and 2011 in more restricted way. When we see the collections of reputed fashion designers we observe the elements of boho-chic but not to the widest extent. At the runways models by Missoni appeared with textured and unique scarves wrapped round the head, Apart experimented with loose tunics made from half-transparent fabric. Roberto Cavalli offered the image of the romantic naughty girl who is keen on torn denim shorts and delicate and sensitive dresses from gentle organza or chiffon with tender floral pattern.

As any trend, boho-chic is loved by celebrities who are permanently referred to this style. And they are faith to it.

Vanessa Hudgens, f young star of the High School Musical series appears to be loved by plenty of her fans who have the web site where they advise on how to dress up like Vanessa best of all. Vanessa stated once while interviewed that her own style of wear is the match of rock-diva with the glam girl. She said, she preferred floral pattern when her mood was high and she opt for darker shades when she was gloomy enough. Debbie Vaknin, the stylist from Hollywood collaborates with Vanessa and the young actress adores the stylist.

Kate Moss looks casual and chic at the same time when she goes out every day. She is adventurous enough to match vintage, designer clothes and clothing from the cheaper brands and designers. Vests are the zest of Kate. She adores them matched together with shirts, luxury blouse, T-shirts put on naked body to look sexual and open. Not demonstrating the clothes at runways, Kate moss can wear skinny jeans, shorts with loose tunics, romantic feminine dresses with flounces to rustle and evoke emotions. Every ensemble is complemented with comfortable shoes and stunning accessories.

Sienna Miller often features as the cobra, cruel and clad, often wearing leather clothes. In her every day life the actress and fashion designer Sienna values comfort and possibility to be a woman in every situation. She is free to wear dresses by Peter Pilotto, the British couturier, the graduator from Antverpen Royal Academy of fine Arts wearing Uggs and long to floor skirts with floral prints, ethnic-accentuated handbags and cowboy hats.

Sienna states that the most important thing for her is keep her own principles. She is in love with beatnik movement, those who were popular before hippies appeared. Siena never was caught wearing jeans torn and worn together with old snickers, though she used to wear bottom-bell jeans and weaved hair band. The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, the legendary girls showed their skills as actresses since childhood while their fashion activity is triumphing either. They tend to hide their adherence to lavish and wealthy life wearing casual things wearing too loose skirts and trousers, long awkward cardigans and coveralls adding expensive and exclusive handbags and scarves.

Mary-Kate once said that she came to the idea to design clothing when she started examining people in the streets. She calls her wardrobe a pure improvisation and even John Galliano evaluated the style of the Olsen sisters for combination of vintage and grange.

Fashion collections The Row and Elizabeth and James launched by the sisters in 2009 flew out for incredible sales which enabled the twins to make up the new fashion brand Olsenboye. Officially the fashion lines of the brand were launched in February 2010 and since then the line was successful among young girls who prefer boho-chic inspired by the look of twins.

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