The Most Breath Taking Sunsets You'll Ever See

Sunset is a magical thing that is so beautiful it awes everybody. These are some wonderful and vibrant sunsets.

There is no better ending to a long day than a breath taking sunset. To see the sky with its magnificent array of intense reddish and brown hues is both visually exquisite and captivating.

The English word sunset is often referred to as sundown which is the instant when the trailing edge of the sun's disk disappears below the horizon in the west. Sunsets are often more brightly colored than sunrises with intense shades of red and orange most visible.

Typically, during the day their tends to be more dust particles in the lower atmosphere than at the end of the day causing these particles to be swept away by winds and turbulence. The sunset view typically depends on the geographical location.
Cause of vibrant colors

The intense red and orange hues of the sky at sunset and sunrise are mainly caused by a scattering of sunlight off dust, soot and solid or liquid aerosols floating in the earths atmosphere. The brilliance and intensity of the colors are typically greater than sunrises because there generally more particles in the evening air than in the morning air. The night time air is usually cooler resulting in lower humidity which allows dust and soot particles to settle out of the earths atmosphere.

Sunsets on other planets

Sunsets on other planets are different from those on earth because of the planet and the sun distance and atmospheric compositions. Mars is farther from the sun than earth is, so the sun is only about two-thirds the size on Mars that it appears on earth. Mars is also covered by red dust that is hoisted into the atmosphere but fast, thin winds and lacks oxygen and nitrogen.

A study found that up to 2 hours after twilight, sunlight continued to reflect off Martian dust high in the atmosphere creating a diffuse glow.

A sunset on planet Mars

Sunset in Colorado

Another Colorado sunset

Sunset in Houston, Texas

Gorgeous Sunset in Oahu, Hawaii

Beautiful array of colors in sunset

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