Totally Awesome Lunar and Solar Eclipses

These wonderful images were brought to you in part by skywatchers around the world.
Eclipse Over The Great Wall of China

On August 1, 2008 you were able to see the Moon eclipsing the Sun from the Great Wall of China. In this image the moon is completely blocking the sun, revealing a brilliant Solar Corona. As the eclipse briefly darkened the skies you can see The Great Wall's Jiayuguan Fort silhouetted in the foreground. Even though you can see the Moon from the Great Wall, despite popular belief you can't see the Great Wall from the Moon.
Antarctic Total Solar Eclipse

In 2003 an astronomical event never witnessed by human eyes before occured. The Sun, the Moon, and "The Photographer" all lined up in this perfectly calculated event. The view of this total solar eclipse from the bottom the world is absolutely, unbelievably breathtaking. The flares of the Sun's crown seem devine in nature. Only a handful of us will be fortunate enough to ever witness this firsthand.
A Total Lunar Eclipse Over North Carolina, USA

A total lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon. In 2003 this occured over the North American skies. This picture from North Carolina creates a time-lapse effect that demonstrates how the moon gets engulfed by the Earth's shadow.
Eclipse With Lighthouse

The Moon displayed this color-change effect in 2007 over the skies of Cape Cod, Massachusettes, during a total lunar eclipse. The Highland Lighthouse (aka The Cape Cod Lighthouse), in this picture gives it a serene yet strangely eerie feeling. A bright planet is also visible to the left of the Moon.
Eclipsed Moon and Stars

This is another intense photo of a dark red Moon during a lunar eclipse. Imagine reeling in this bad boy for a pretty lady on your first date. This one though, is just a composite of two exposures. One of short exposure to highlight the Moon, and another of long exposure to trap the stars in the background.
Solar Eclipse From The Moon

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